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Diane DiPietro, co-owner of Tintagels Gate, has been doing psychics readings in New England, New York and New Jersey for more than twenty - five years.  Her unique blend of Palmistry, Tarot and Mediumship helps her clients find direction and peace as well as connect with loved ones from beyond the veil.

Diane also practices Eden Energy Medicine and Reiki. 

Reading with Diane

$30 for Fifteen Minutes

Psychic Fair
Tintagels Gate~Flowerland
501 Main Street
Athol MA 01331
Saturday, Oct. 21st, 11-5, 
Fifteen Minutes for $30

‘Tis the Season! Join us for some fun and enlightenment as Diane, Genevieve and Katie channel guides and consult cards and help you find the information you need in a psychic reading! It is recommended that you make an appointment ahead of time.


Everything in existence has an aura. An aura reading can give you a better understanding of the self and what the body is trying to say. Issues present themselves within the auric energy field before they manifest in the physical body.  Nicole Majik is an accomplished healing facilitator, life and business strategist, and educator with a diverse background. Her unique quantum healing modality works on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

Reading With Nicole

$30 for Fifteen Minutes

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