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About Diane DiPietro 

Diane's first memory of seeing a spirit was when she was six or seven.  She walked into her kitchen to see her Great Aunt walk THROUGH the garage door and into the kitchen.  Her Great Aunt turned to her and said, "Tell your mother that I am okay and I am not in pain anymore'.  Diane relayed the message but it was not well received.  These types of occurrences happened a few more times during her childhood-and none were well received-so she shut it down and stopped talking about it.  For awhile, it seemed to abate.  But during Diane's 20's, the images and voices started coming back.  This time, she decided to work with it since it was clearly something that was a part of her.  

Over the years Diane has continued learning to communicate with the ancestors and guides to translate the visions they share with her for those who are looking for their guidance.  She helps those who come to her as she continues to grow and to heal from her own traumas and painful experiences.  Diane believes that even though many of us have similar experiences, our paths to healing may be vastly different from one another.  She endeavors to work with each person with regards to their own personality and individual needs and desires.  She believes there is no one right way to heal and that is why she uses multiple modalities for healing and psychic sessions.

Diane does her readings and energy work in her private studio at Tintagels Gate~Flowerland in Athol, Massachusetts.

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