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I have been going to Eden Energy sessions with Diane for a few years now, and I always feel so much better after a session. It is amazing; relaxing and invigorating simultaneously! I don't know exactly how she does it, but she always knows exactly what I need on any given session. I love my energy sessions. Thank you Diane for always making them so personal for whatever my needs are at the time and taking such good care of me!  ~Robin S.


I will always be grateful for the sessions I’ve had (and will most definitely continue to have) with Diane! Besides being extremely knowledgeable, she is incredibly easy to work with and beyond willing to listen and properly assess your needs before doing the work. A true healer in both gift and heart, Diane is able to adeptly direct (and re-direct as necessary) your energy and change the way you feel. I always leave her table feeling refreshed, stronger, and deeply healed. To say that I highly recommend booking your session today, is an understatement. You won’t regret it.  ~Kathryn

About Energy Medicine

Diane defines it as using the energies and connections of your own body to help heal it and to maintain good health! The body is electric and keeping it connected properly is the most healthy thing you can do for yourself.​

You can use your body’s own energies to create and maintain better health, increase stamina and feel a better sense of well-being. It’s all a part of you, why not learn to use all your parts?

Eden Energy Medicine engages the acupressure points all over the body, integrates the lessons in the chakra system, recharges the electrical system in the body and re-establishes your protective shields.   It engages your body's dynamic systems and can help you maintain vitality, reduce or eliminate pain, relieve depression and confusion, boost the immune system, minimize the effects of chronic illness and autoimmune disorders.  Diane utilizes the modality of Eden Energy Medicine specifically as developed by Donna Eden of Eden's Way and Innersource.  Donna identifies and teaches how to address the body and its associated energies thru nine energy systems: 

Each of us has all of these systems within our bodies. And each of us utilizes (or blocks) them differently within our individual life experiences. We can each develop different illnesses, pains or perceptions during our lives that we may need help to address. The Eden Method teaches its practitioners to find the healing path for each client in the unique way that suits them best.

Diane's Path to Energy Medicine

Diane was a fragile child who battled a lot of illness, especially asthma.  As an adult, the asthma 'went away' but returned in her twenties.  The illness progressed requiring many hospital ER visits and numerous three day stays filled with steroids and antibiotics and even several 'experimental' drugs to get her airways to open and stay open.  Diane took the asthma and allergy medicines the doctors prescribed and stayed on them for fear of further attacks.  

In July of 2011, Diane's asthma got out of control and her breathing could not be eased.  She had been taking the prescribed meds but to no avail.  She saw a pulmonary specialist who prescribed even more meds including steroids, bronchodilators and anti-inflammatories.  Nothing worked.  After being out of work for six weeks and starting long term disability, the pulmonary specialist told her that is was probably in her head and he didn't have anything else for her.  

At this time, her husband took her to an acupuncturist they knew named Susan.  Susan had been studying Eden Energy Medicine with Donna Eden and had progressed thru the program into a faculty position.  She told Diane, "Just lay down.  You are going to feel better." She started working on Diane, who fell asleep shortly after the session started.  An hour and a half later, Diane could breathe deeply-if painfully from all the trauma of the illness.  Susan told Diane about Donna Eden's Daily Energy Routine and gave her a handout that demonstrated the exercises.  Diane did the exercises every day, very slowly at first.  After two weeks, she was well on her way to recovery and had more energy than she had had in a very long time.

Diane continues to do the Daily Routine and has not been hospitalized with asthma since.  She also experiences improved health and immunity and frequently remains in good health when others succumb to colds and flus.  

Diane With Donna Eden

About Donna Eden

When Donna Eden enters a room, it's as though someone turned on the sun.  Her joyful presence is contagious!

Donna was diagnosed with MS at 16 and cancer at 29 and was told there was no more the doctors could do for her.  So she took matters into her own hands and realized that she had the ability to make herself well.  And with her methods and protocols available to us, so do WE!!

Donna has been doing this work since the late seventies and I for one am so grateful that she has!  

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Try the Daily Routine for yourself and then make an appointment with me and let me help you feel better!

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