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Aura Readings with Nicole Majik!

Saturday, Dec 4, 1-2:30, 

20 minutes $65

Everything in existence has an aura. The human aura contains seven layers, or fields which correlate to the seven chakras, or energy centers of the body.  The reading can give you a better understanding of the self and what the body is trying to say. Issues present themselves within the auric energy field before they manifest in the physical body, therefore rendering the aura reading very insightful pertaining to one's physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual states.

Join us after the workshop to hear her speak about her except from the book,

“A Mile In Her Shoes”. Copies will be available for sale and signing!

Nicole “Majik” Lahousse, M.M., owner of Majik, LLC since 2008, has been interested in metaphysics her whole life. She has bachelor’s degrees in Biology/Chemistry, and a Master’s in Metaphysics; she is a certified Crystal Therapist and Quantum Touch Practitioner; and she is certified in various Reiki/Energy Healing Modalities. As a speaker at international conferences and workshops, her work has inspired people worldwide. Nicole loves to help and empower people, fundraising for various organizations via her unique services.

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