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The word Chakra is Sanskrit for vortex or wheel. And indeed, Donna says she sees the Chakras as layered swirling discs of energy all over the body as well as the seven standard placements.

Chakras carry energy in and out of body.  They service organs, muscles, ligaments, veins and other body parts that sit within their field and are energy processing plants.

The rotational spin of the Chakra is how the energy moves in and out of the body

The Chakras store the ‘themes’ of an individual. The life experiences and lessons that an individual has learned throughout their life ‘tints’ the Chakras and the individual energies of each Chakra also flavor and reinforce the themes.  The layers of the Chakras store energy, stories and what we have come to know as our own individual reality.  The Outer layers tend to store more recent events.

These experiences process into the middle layers where they become stored knowledge, beliefs, confusions, habits, sense of worth, etc.  The deepest layers carry genetic and inherited knowledge- sometimes tied to past lives. 

Having your Chakras balanced can be a deeply peaceful and even life changing experience!

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