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Creating Ritual with Diane!

Learn the elements of creating successful ritual with Diane, High Priestess of the Celtic Avalonian Tradition and co founder of Tintagels Gate in Downtown Athol!

Diane will demonstrate:

~ Determination of Intent for Ritual

~ Symbology of Magical Items

~ Collection of Tools and Magical Items

~ Elements of Altar Setup

~ Casting of Circle and Completion of Short Ritual

~ Discussion and Questions

Since this ritual will be held near the Full Moon, consider bringing a small token that represents something you are hoping to attain. We will bless all the items during the ritual.

Ritual is a wonderful process by which you can focus your intent to create or change elements of your world and the way you view them. Thru ritual, meditation and focus, you can help heal yourself and others, help manifest what you need in your life and bring joy to your heart.

Diane DiPietro has been creating rituals and magic for over twenty-five years. She finds great joy in ritual, in magic and in teaching. Come on by and let her share her magic with you.  

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