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Healthy Lung Herbs with Kim Fitzgerald!

December 4, 3:30-5:30

In this workshop we'll be exploring many of the best herbs for our respiratory system and how to use them as well as how to find the herb or combination of herbs that are best suited to your needs for a given situation and how the energetics of the plant as well as our own bodies play a role in what works or may not work for us as individuals. 

Kim is a trained herbalist and certified aromatherapist. Before becoming certified 4 years ago, she had been experiencing the wonder of plant medicine for years within her own family. Kim studied under Rosemary Gladstar and Mischa Schuler for herbal medicine training who also introduced her to the teachings of many other amazing herbalists. She received her aromatherapy certification from Jade Schutes at the School for aromatic studies and plans on furthering her education there in the near future as well. 

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