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Mentorship with Diane: Connecting With and Embracing Your Inner Priestess

Monday nights, 6:30-8PM

April 11-May30, 2022

Everyone has days where they feel completely defeated and that everything is going wrong. Sometimes, they may feel that several of those days have ganged up on them! Most folks find their way through it, regroup and move forward.

The trouble can start when you are feeling as though you cannot win-ever. You may feel a sense of futility and anxiety. And this feeling can lead to a sense of overwhelm and even depression. You may find yourself in a space where you need a little insight. You may feel like you need a new way of seeing things and navigating your path.

Diane has been mentoring folks one-on-one through readings and energy work for more than twenty years. By request, she has collected the highlights of her lessons and created this class.

We will meet Monday nights from 6:30-8:30PM for eight weeks.

The class outline is as follows:

Session 1: Definition and Setting Intent for the Duration: Class Goals, Desires and Parameters

Session 2: Defining Self and Setting Goals

Session 3: How to Channel your Ancestral Lessons

Session 4: Attraction, Distraction and Energy: Multitasking or Stall Tactics?

Session 5: Moving Energy to Create Desired Change: Energy Tools to help when no one else is available.

Session 6: Abracadabra! Did it work? How to start harnessing your own Magic!

Session 7: Setting NEW Goals: Re-establishing, not settling.

Session 8: Self Mentoring: Going forward with your own plan.

Each session will be comprised of:

*a lecture

*a group share

*self actualization exercises

*self care techniques

*guided meditation.

We will also cover some basic Magickal practices to help you get in touch with your deeper self and find your power-your Inner Priestess!

The cost for this class is $250. The class will be discounted to $220 if you pay the entire amount by the first class. Each class will build on the previous class so it is recommended that you don't skip any.

Continue your journey to self discovery by incorporating Diane's unique outlook and approach to healing, growing, accepting oneself and activating your own potential! It's time to level up!

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