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Radiant Circuits

Radiant Circuits are the pathways for JOY!

Strength, resilience, spontaneous healing, vitality, falling in love, orgasm, hope, gratitude, rapture and spiritual ecstasy are all achieved through the Radiant Circuits.  And the Radiant Circuits in turn feed that energy.

Also called Strange Flows, Extraordinary Vessels, Glad Glows and Funky Flows, the Radiant Circuits are inner wells of joy and can change your life.  

Radiant Circuits can:

-Help you overcome self-sabotage and negative thinking

-Access your core self

-Overcome Triple Warmer reactive systems

-Help change bad habits

The more active our Radiant Circuits are, the more joy and inner peace we achieve.

If a meridian system needs energy, it turns to the Radiant Circuits.  

The Radiant Circuits do not follow set pathways and can lend their energy where ever the body may need it once they are activated!

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