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Transfiguration with Nicole Majik

October 21, 2023, 7:00-8:30PM

Transfiguration literally means to change form.  Transfiguration Mediumship is a physical form of mediumship where the entire audience will share an interactive and most amazing experience unlike any other form of mediumship.  

*The spirit will create an ectoplasmic mask about 1-2 inches from the face (and sometimes body) of the medium.  This will be shifted by the spirits to contort the features of the medium to look just like the spirit’s previous physical features when alive.  The body of the medium may appear to get taller, shorter, thinner or wider and can take the shape of female or male depending on the spirit that connects.  Hair and facial hair changes can be noticed.  Multiple spirits may connect and may even be rapidly changing through several faces in the matter of minutes or even seconds.  

Transfiguration is sometimes called “Emotional Mediumship” because it is mostly relatives and friends of those present who come forward.

*Nicole will achieve an altered state suitable for the spirits of the loved ones of the audience to start showing themselves.  She has a unique and rare gift to remain in this state to allow the spirits to manipulate the ectoplasm as well as receive information from the spirits that may then be stated to the room of attendees to bring further evidence of the appearing loved one.

*1.5  hours per session

$50 per person

Please arrive on time or slightly early since once the session begins, there should be no interruptions.

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