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Triple Warmer

Triple Warmer is a Meridian that aligns with the Rhythm of Fire.  It is responsible for the flight or fight response in the body.  It is the protector of the body.  Triple Warmer is the first responder to any kind of perceived threat or stress.  In doing so, it may pull energy and resources from other areas of the body.  Over time, this can cause illness or weakness in the body.  It can also cause exhaustion, sleeplessness, moodiness, weight gain or loss.

There are simple exercises to help calm Triple Warmer so it can more readily filter real danger from daily stresses.  Doing these exercises regularly can ease stress and minimize the long term effects it has on the body.

Triple Warmer as a Radiant Circuit

Triple Warmer functions as a Radiant Circuit of joy when it is not in protector mode.  Radiant Circuits send healing energy everywhere in the body once activated.  When Triple Warmer functions in is purest form as a Radiant Circuit, it helps keep the body well and vital!

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